Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Presents

A Christmas present that just does not fit.

 We have all had occaions where we received a very well-intentioned gift that just did not fit - either our size, our personality, or some personal trait of ours that just renders that gift inappropriate and necesitates a return or an exchange!  Life is a series of adjustments, corrections, and exchanges.  Some of those returns or exchanges are are painful for the giver, or the reciver, or both.  It is an unfortunate fact of life that just cannot be avoided.  We learn from these mistakes and  will not repeat the faux pas again in the future.

Hopefully, few of you fell into this category, and that you all had a wonderful Christmas and got only "proper-fitting" presents. I hope that you all enter the new year in a wonderfull state of  a happiness and conentment.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chain letters

Chain Letters
Sometimes I feel I am being used.  Well not me, but my name is.  Like everyone else, I have a long list of email friends and some of them I keep in touch with personally and often.   We share news of family, of what we are doing and even a joke every now and then, that I know that particular person would enjoy.  There are others that share just jokes or pictures. That is interesting if it is within my line of interests.

 Then there are those that just use my name as a receptacle  for those chain letters that say "send to x number of people within the next x number of minutes and you will win big money or something wonderful will happen to you tomorrow  If you do not comply and send this out to all those people immediately you will have terrible bad luck for x number of years or some evil will immediately befall you".  These people need names (who cares if they are friends or not) as long as they have "averted their years of bad luck" or "assured their big windfall" or whatever other gimmick the chain letter writer used to insure propagation of his chain letter.  "I don't dare break this one!" I have been informed as a prelude to yet another chain letter.  Your name just has one purpose for these people.  It is a name they can click on when they need receivers.  You are not even a person to these people.  You are convenient recepticle they can click on to get that chain letter off their inbox.  They are not thinking that you would enjoy getting that email.  They know full well you won't appreciate it but your name served its purpose.  It added that extra click they needed to fill their "required Quota".  Don't you just  love having that kind of value!?! Some people just beg to be blocked!

BTW, none of the senders of these chain letters have won that 649 jackpot yet, so perhaps my name was not as valuable to them as they thought. Surprise???????  I wonder if the senders of these chain letters realize that those chain letters all have cookies attached.    And they definitely are not the edible kind!  What a (blessing?) that is to all the people they send those letters to!!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Now I Am a Snowman

I Am a Snowman

 I am not crying the blues
I've no reason to complain
Winter's here, my nose is cold
But I can take the pain.

'Twas really's not a bad way
To start a new day free
Till I ran into a snow blower
A blizzed just for me

I tried to duck but to no avail.
To hide, get outta the way
But he was on a mission
He had the right-of-way

Refusing to heed my plight
He just kept on blowing snow
I almost got buried alive
But it wasn't my time to go.

So now I am a snowman
With nose and eyes with tears
I'm waiting for the sunshine
To come and thaw my ears.