Wednesday 4 March 2020

Happy New Year

My days are now more precious
More treasures I do see
More birds sing at my window
New melodies today  me.

There’s a sweeter breeze caressing
My face as it wafts on by
It sighs and whispers softly
Of days so long gone by.

My life so fast is changing
I hardly can keep up
But I know that all these changes
I really don’t wish to stop!

So you breezes keep on whispering
Fuel my spirit with your fire
For it’s only through these struggles
That I’ll achieve what I desire.

Cause a spirit that is stagnant
That no longer has a goal
Is an essence that’s departed
Like the body with no soul.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

A New Day

A New Day

Morning dawns across the heavens
As the bright sun claims supremacy once again
Conquered now, the stars are take cover
Behind the mantle of dawn’s delight
Like chastised children hiding from Mother’s reproaching frown.

Darkness retreats, now defeated
Its departure a victory o’er the night
Silently the slumbering new day wakens
Its course as yet uncharted – insecure
But potential beckons – buoyant, optimistic
To dream of ventures, aspirations 
That defy the scrutiny borne of fear
Presenting bravado like a dare
Yet treading stealthily lest they overstep their bounds.

Sunday 21 June 2015


My  Achilles Heel
Just when I think I’ve conquered
Just when I think I’ve won
Just when I think I can succeed
I find  I’ve just begun.
The task looms large before me
It hackles all my senses
It gains its sheer momentum
And shatters my defences.
My confidence just plummets,
In the face of this big mission
It’s really not then simple
To reach this goal’s fruition.
I may have to change direction
And abandon this objective
It seems that I made decisions
Without a true perspective.
I thought I was invincible
That my powers would abound
I never considered limits
Or how they would confound 
Those tasks and that are around me
Those commitments every day
They gobbled up my leisure
And left no time for play

Monday 15 June 2015



So call me "unorganised". I have been here two months and I have no regrets about the move, but I am still waiting for one more "AHA" moment though this last AHA may never come.  The item I am looking for could just be a casualty of the move.  It is just that it was a special souvenir  and I was rather fond of the item.  However, it is a small price to pay for a move that was otherwise very positive. It will take time to develop a lasting comfortable routine but I am getting there.

Moving is a stressful venture, especially for the elderly.  It uproots your home, your routine, and most definitely your comfort zone.  But it  carries with it important benefits that that make the stress almost worth it.  (Notice I said "almost")  I am sure that my last "AHA so there you are!" moment will probably erase the "almost" entirely  but in the meantime,  the memory of the stress associated with moving is still rather fresh in my mind.  Still,  like everything else in life, "This too shall pass".  In the meantime, summer is here, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the sun smiles at me every morning, so life is GOOD!

Thursday 28 May 2015

An Awakening

Acknowledging An Awakening

The brilliant orb of light awakens me
The Eye of Judgement from heaven above
 It pierces my downcast emotions
Condemning and rebuking me
For my unwarranted despondency
Wishing for something even I cannot define
It stabs and spears at my voracity
And my failure to comprehend
That my rational needs have all been met. 
Reality crashes through my melancholy
Charging me with disapproval and admonition 
Shaming me for my ingratitude.
Scattering my despondency to oblivion!

I humbly review my good fortune
So unrivalled that I bow in shame
I acknowledge all the notable blessings
Supplied so bountifully throughout my days
That I revile at my ingratitude
And renounce my senseless greed!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Timely Discovery

I found this poem when I was browsing through my files today.  I don't remember when I wrote it but it seems so appropriate  for what  I have been going through lately.  I wanted to share it with you. I apologize if it is  a repeat. 

Managing Impatience

What I feared did not happen
What I imagined did not come through
What I planned did not materialize
All my lists just followed queue.
 I suppose I should be grateful
I know less than I thought I knew
This time my apprehension
Failed to raise a coup!
It stressed me out for nothing
It frazzled me to no end
I could have stayed unruffled
But I failed to comprehend
Life is what we make it
We fear what we don’t know
If we face it with timidity
It’ll defeat us just to show
Fear cripples our capacity
To be the best that we can be
It limits our potential
And zaps our energy.
It makes us question everything
We used to think was right
It makes us fear the future
And makes us run in flight.
We multiply the negatives
The bad things that could go wrong
 We cripple that great spirit
That used to be so strong
We conjure up scenarios
Of catastrophic mayhem 
It cripples our potential
And serves as our REQUIM!

Amended Goals

Another Year,  Another Spring

Another year, another spring
Another promise in the making
Another dream, a goal, a vision
A new opportunity for undertaking
That task that once seemed so important
That I spent such hours in scheming
Has somehow lost its zest appeal
And no longer now has much meaning.
For ambitions seem to shift and change
With the whims of my emotions
They stray and flounder under stress
And alter prior devotions.

Saturday 16 May 2015

Progress and Change

Numbered Aspirations

My days are now more precious
More treasures I do see
More birds sing at my window
New melodies to me.

There’s a sweeter breeze caressing
My face as it wafts on by
It sighs and whispers softly
Of days so long gone by.

My life so fast is changing
I hardly can keep up
But I know that all these changes
I really don’t wish to stop!

So you breezes keep on whispering
Fuel my spirit with your fire
For it’s only through these struggles
That I’ll achieve what I desire.

Cause a spirit that is stagnant
That no longer has a goal
Is an essence that’s departed
Like the body with no soul.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Getting There

Hi All
It has been a very stressful albeit exciting and very busy couple of months for me.  Last fall, I visited a place that  that I liked very much and I decided I wanted to live there myself.  (It wasn’t that I disliked living where I was, but the new place had many amenities that that were just not available at the place where I was.)  I decided to move.  That is where the stress came in. Not that it was a bad decision!!!! But it meant disrupting my comfortable routines and my well-organized home and going to a place of absolute chaos, living out of boxes, and searching, searching, SEARCHING  for things that I had always known exactly where to find  and which had always been readily available at my fingertips.

 I am now having alot of  “AHA!  so there you are” moments and although the “AHA” moments are always rewarding, I find the preludes to them extremely distressing. They deplete my energy and distort my concentration.

But "This, too, shall pass!!!" Bear with me while I get myself organized and into a NORMAL routine. 

Saturday 14 March 2015

Life's Surprises

Mid Night Meanderings

I know I should be sleeping
I know I’m wasting time
I’m waiting for a piece of peace
To still this paradigm

My life is in a state of flux  
My brain works overtime
It portrays an image of a life
With blessings all sublime

Just when I thought it hopeless
When I expected least
My wish for just a simple fix
 God answered with a feast.

So now I lie awake content
Not in a state of strife
I can now go to sleep at night
All satisfied with life!

Thursday 8 January 2015

Still Here

Happy New year.
(Somewhat late for most folks but if you'll pretend you're Ukrainian for a few days, New Years is still coming on the 14th. Still for the Ukainians and the non-Ukrainians alike, I wish you all a great new year and if you had a not-so-good 2014,  I hope that 2015 will more than make up for it. So dump the bad memories in the garbage and let's have a great 2015!!!!!
I'm still here, perhaps not as tough as I'd like to be, but I'm still kickin' and on the green side of the grass yet!!! It's been a rough few weeks but I'm just not ready to throw in the towel that easily.  Bear with me while get back to normal and get my fiesty self back again.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas Blessings

As we commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in a manger in a lowly stable in Bethlehem, I would like to  wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a year filled with many blessings. May you all truly experience the true "Joy to the World" just as did  His Blessed Mother and the shepherds and the Wise men on that day so long ago! 

Wednesday 10 December 2014

A Dream

My Dream

I dream of a world of plenty
I dream of a world of peace
I dream of love unbridled
I dream that wars will cease.

 I dream of a world of caring
For all of God’s creation
Of harmony and freedom
For each and every nation.

I dream of a world of sharing
All good fortunes we receive
I hope and pray that this old world
Will PEACE - someday - achieve.

That “color” will not matter
And religion will not divide
That “right” and “wrong” will triumph
As we all stand side by side!

Friday 5 December 2014


Managing Stress and Impatience

What I feared did not happen
What I imagined did not come through
What I dreaded did not materialize
All my lists just followed queue.
 I suppose I should be grateful
I know more that I thought I knew
This time my apprehension
Failed to raise a coup!
It stressed me out for nothing
It frazzled me to no end
I could have stayed unruffled
But I failed to comprehend
Life is what we make it
We fear what we don’t know
If we face it with timidity
It’ll defeat us just to show
Fear cripples our capacity
To be the best that we can be
It limits our potential
And zaps our energy.
It makes us question everything
We used to think was right
It makes us fear the future
And makes us run in flight.
We multiply the negatives
The bad things that could go wrong
 We cripple that great spirit
That used to be so strong
We conjure up scenarios
Of catastrophic mayhem 
It cripples our potential
And serves as our REQUIM!

Friday 28 November 2014

Remembrance Day ---Still

Late Tribute to Our Veterans

This poem is two weeks late, however it is still relevant since November is still with us and our wounds, like our memories, are still open and raw.  Please forgive my  "harping" on a theme that can never grow old. This poem  "wrote" itself in my head the other night and did not let me sleep so I had to just get up and put my pen to paper.

 Another  Tribute to Our Veterans 
No one stops at that graveyard now
No one stops to stare
At those endless rows of  crosses
We're so used to seeing them there.

We gather there just once a year
A tribute for to pay
To thank them for their sacrifice
On each Remembrance Day.

But those crosses keep on reminding us
Of the souls we can't forget
Those strangers who gave up  their lives
For folks they had never met.

Those souls were someone's brother
Those souls were someone's friend
Once they held a baby
Once they held a hand.

But that heart  has now stopped beating
That laugh is forever still
That mind has now stopped dreaming
Of goals they'll  not fulfill.

Thursday 20 November 2014

Dreams Do Come True

Big Day Coming

Our Writing Group, called Blue Pencil Cafe, has published a book called "Out of the Blue".  It is a compilation of the writings from our members and we are having a book launch on  Monday, November 24 from the SAGE  site (15 Churchill Square,  corner of 102A   Avenue and  100 Street) in downtown Edmonton.  There will be readings by our members as well as a chance to meet the authors and see displays (and even purchase if you wish)  some of their other writings.

 Refreshments will be available on site.  Come and meet our writers and perhaps even join our group for the next season.  I am certain you will get (as I did) much inspiration from this  group. Many of us are now "living our dream!" We come from all walks of life but we all share a common dream and this group lets us live it!  Come and join us.

Wednesday 12 November 2014


A Final Tribute

T'was a day to remember
That his mother could not forget
A day that’s still so painful
That haunts her nightmares yet.

An agonizing, poignant sacrifice
Was demanded of her that day
When her only son was taken
To fight a war so far away.

He was just such a young lad
So innocent, naive
But he died before he had a chance
His grand dreams to achieve

Now strangers tend his gravesite
With grateful hearts overflowing
For a life that he gave up for them
Thus peace on them bestowing.

But his mother and his family
Still mourn his untimely passing
As they stand there on Remembrance Day
His final tributes now amassing! 

Thursday 30 October 2014

New Horizons


I have been reading  a new blog   Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life recently and although I I have not been able to get all the way through it yet because of overriding previous engagements, I have found much inspiration and insight there that has been helpful to me in my own life.  I guess we all struggle with some kind of problems, whether they be insecurities or 'writing blocks' or what ever else it is that creates those stumbling blocks that make us question ourselves and keep us from  performing at our optimum level. Or perhaps it its just me. Brenda seems to have all her ducks in a row, while I am still trying to round mine up.  (Sometimes those ducks just don't herd well.) Many of my questions are still unanswered.

Is it our age that makes us question ourselves, or it it our bad experiences from the past? Because I honestly cannot say that I have taken such 'beatings'  in the past, but I have to admit that I miss that self-confidence that once came so naturally to me.  I find myself questioning many decisions that would never have worried me in the past.

Perhaps I should just finish reading the rest of Brenda's blog.  Maybe I will find the answers there.

Saturday 18 October 2014

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Autumn’s flamboyant landscape beckons to me
With brilliant golds, rusty reds, bold burgundies
Stately oaks, aspen, birch and cherry
Flaunt their splendor with sheer abandon.

Those branches, once were a verdant green
Now display their new attire with bravado.
 Like outstretched arms, they reach out
Lacing their leafy fingers high above
As though embracing one final time
And form this lovely tunnel for my passage.

Not to be outdone,
Even stately Lombardy poplars join in the fun.
Like slim golden sentinels they stand
Overlooking this gaiety and pomposity
And boldly join this carnival of exuberance.
As they sway in the gentle breeze.

With one final display of boastful daring
The trees obscure the sun’s fading rays
With their own supreme display of glory!
Before shedding this magnificent garb
To don the barren nakedness of winter grey
And sink into a long and peaceful slumber.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Giftware and More

A Literary Festival

Getting ready for Words in the Park in just over a week, at Sherwood Park on October 25th. Please take note of this "Fall Feast of Words" at the Strathcona County Library, which will include a great selection of literary events. There will be a variety of books from various authors, plus many other items  suitable for yourself or as Christmas presents for friends and family.  It should be a great social and noteworthy experience for presenters and consumers alike .  If you require more info, check out the website:

Hope to see you all there! 

Saturday 11 October 2014


Thanksgiving  Ode       

For friends who’re there that really care
Who’re always willing their love to share
Who’re tender, thoughtful, good and kind,
The kind of friends that’re hard to find.
With judgement sound they hang around
And fill my life with peace profound
I am so very thankful!

For the the splendor of our nation
My heart is bursting with adulation
O'er all the grandeur  and munificence    
Of God’s creation, its magnificence.
He entrusted us with our free will
To see the greatness of His skill
How can I not be thankful!

For our good health and rich full life
For protecting us from conflicts, strife
For His all His blessings, His benevolence
That keep enfolding with such prevalence
For all the joys and carefree living
For all our wrongs  God is forgiving
I bow in humble praise, thanksgiving!
Thank you, Lord!

Thursday 9 October 2014

Golden Leaves of Autumn

Golden Leaves of Autumn 

Like the golden leaves of autumn
So our years of youth fly  past
Leaving naught but poignant memories
Of good times we wished would last.

Like the golden leaves of autumn
We lose the resolve to hang on
Forsaking all life's daily struggles
Youth delivered on the run.

Like the golden leaves of autumn
Now we languish, reminisce
On those years when life was pleasing
On those years of youthful bliss.

Like the golden leaves of autumn
We're still wishing to explore
The summer of our youth now fading
To face those glory days once more.

Like the golden  leaves of autumn
We must let go of that hold
Sailing on to eternal slumber
Accepting that we're growing old!

Monday 22 September 2014

My News

My Newest Book

I just received the shipment of my newest book called Mushrooms, Mini-cars and Welsh Mead.  This new book is a compilation of memories of experiences from my life and is a follow-up to my other two memoir books,  Roots - A Life in Review  and Small Beginnings.  It is the final one of this series.


I am now working on  a sequel to my fiction novel called The Secret in Her Heart,  and, if I can, I hope to someday publish another collection of poetry.  Wish me luck folks! I will need it.


Sunday 21 September 2014

Peace One Day 2014

Peace One Day

I just realized that today is  designated as "Peace One Day 2014".   How wonderful it would be if for just one day - today - we could have total peace in the world?!!!!
Here are the words I heard sung over the internet.  What a wonderful idea!!!!!
I just could not resist adding this post today.

If I could write a magic song
That everyone could sing
I'd write of love and hope and joy
And things that peace could bring
And when we sang that magic song
All hate and war would cease
One song could bring a miracle
And fill the world with peace!
One song for all of us.

Saturday 20 September 2014

Journey of life

Journey of Life

I woke this morning thankful
For the time that I was given
To enjoy this wonderful new day
Cause my life is so worth livin’!

I cherish every moment
Every miracle of each day
Not wishing to waste its merits
Like some worthless castaway.  

We humans are so lucky
We can look ahead and back
We can study every blunder
Then improve on traits we lack.

We can learn important lessons
From each mistake we make
We can even change direction
With each task we undertake.

Our lives are but our tour maps
Of experiences that we bore
Those events that made us who we are
And they tally up our score.

We can make that score look good or bad
By how we respond to strife
We can make them just our stepping stones
On this journey we call life!!!

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Age Spots

That’s Not Age Spots

They’re trying to sell me potions
To hide my age spots and my wrinkles
That are part of that living process
Each passing day now sprinkles.

I really do not think it’s bad
To display that confirmation
That I’ve been here for quite some time
That demands corroboration!

My wrinkles are the road map
Of the twists and turns I’ve made
My dark spots are the price tags
Of the penalties I paid.

So I cherish every blemish
Every wrinkle, every pore
And I’m hoping to keep getting  
More – and more – and more!

Cause stopping now means ceasing
To reap benefits that I’ve earned
To enjoy this life of leisure
So long for this I’ve yearned.

Saturday 13 September 2014

A Robins' Farewell

Back Again
A few days ago I happened to get a very special treat from Mother Nature.  I was at my daughter's place, sitting outside and enjoying what I now realize was probably summer's last hurrah,  because it was the day before the snow.  Not that we got what Calgary got, though it seemed that different regions got different amounts.  Downtown Edmonton, where my apartment is, the lawns stayed green. The snow melted as it hit the ground but at my daughter's place in the north end of the city the snow covered the ground for a shot while to make the lawn white.  Still, it was too early for snow!!! Anywhere!!!

Anyway, as I sat there, I got the thrill of my life when a flock of about fifteen to twenty robins  arrived in the yard.  They landed in the apricot tree just over the bird bath and took turns taking a bath!!! It was as if they came especially for that specific purpose --- to wash up before their trip south!  I have never seen robins flocking together in large numbers like that, though I used to have many of them come in for a bath at my birdbath when I lived in Manitoba.  This was an unusual treat for me to see them come in like this, as if they just came to bid me farewell.  The next day, we got that early snow!

Were they trying to tell me something????

Friday 5 September 2014

A Precious Gift


I went to a drugstore with a special request today but they told me they could not fill my order. They advertise that they carry everything so that is false advertising, is it not??? I only asked for one single dose of "youth" and they turned me down.  I was extremely disappointed.

 As a Ukrainian kid growing up, I used to listen to a very melodic and beautiful Ukrainian song about a woman that was  going to go on a trip in search of her youthful healthy years.  I can still hear the melody but do not recall all the words. It was sung by a woman who was going to ask  her youthful years to at least "visit her for awhile as a guest"  The next verse is the reply  from her youthful years who tell her they can never come back because she had not cherished either her youth or her good health when she had them, therefore there was "nothing" to come back to now.

Sometimes it seems to me that song is relevant to some of today's youth who waste their youthful good  health on drugs , alcohol, smokes and and other destructive lifestyles.  Too late, they find that there is no turning back after the damage is done.  Just simple ageing is enough of a downgrade for any "body". And that is even without any prior abuse or addition of destructive practices.

Cherish your youth and your health! They are precious! Just ask any senior.

Friday 29 August 2014

Just Excuses


Sorry, I have been rather distracted lately and have not been as regular with my blog postings. I am working on getting another book published and it is in the final stages of editing so I am eating, sleeping, living with that book constantly.  I cannot seem to get my mind on much else these days and that is beyond silly.  Guess they call this the "one track mind syndrome" and I have it bad.  It is not as if the book is in "stall motion"! It is just me and I know that!

I do have other very interesting projects on the go. I am just too lazy to get going on them. I know the book is just a poor excuse so shame on me!!!!   You cannot beat time. You have capitalize on every moment you have and make the most of it.    I am just stalling and I have is no decent excuse for  it. Nobody can move my projects for me except me! So bear with me while as I stop making up excuses and get on with living again.


Thursday 21 August 2014

In Memory Robin Williams

When Depression Wins

He made us laugh all through his life
It was his glowing passion
Yet behind that silly grin there lurked
That demon of depression.

That depression got the upper hand
And he lost all will to fight
All his problems overwhelmed him
When the darkness shut out light.

With age and fate against him
And gloom would not dispel
When the torrents of bleak anguish
Did forever rise and swell.

He tried to hide his feelings
His  problems and his  pain
But gloom and desperation
Had established their domain

He sought relief where ever
Illusive though it be
For just a glimpse of childlike peace
To end the misery.

But it’s really  not that easy
To camouflage the truth
No matter how hard we try
We can’t recapture youth.

Rest in peace Robin and keep smiling into forever!

Friday 15 August 2014

Red Sun Phenomenon

A Red Sun in the Heavens

I’ve often watched a sunset
And marvelled at the view
Of clouds of pink and purple
And colors of every hue!

But what I saw last evening
Was a sun that was red! Instead!
I’ve never seen a sun like that
Hang suspended overhead.

Some said it was humidity
Some said it was just heat
Some said it was all that smoke
But I just thought it neat!

For I was watching a red balloon
Hung out there in the sky
An ornament for us to view
Our heavens to beautify.

Amid all our strife and conflicts
We need to sense delight
To know that life’s worth living
And our world can still be bright.

So that red sun last evening
Was a sign from God above
That even when we misbehave
He won’t withhold His love!

Monday 11 August 2014

Prairie Floods

Flooding Prairies

Those twinkling stars of heaven
That wink and blink and tease
These days just hide in darkness
Determined to displease.

They peer from behind the shadows
Of clouds that make them dimmer
They peek and sneak in secret
With just a scanty glimmer

The clouds just weep in torrents
With tears that will not stop
Raising surging waters
And flooding every crop.

Those raindrops they all gather
In fields and streams and lakes
They have done so  much damage
All earth below them quakes.

They’re flooding every highway
And all valleys in between
In relentless surging rushes
Overflowing each ravine.

How do we save our homes and crops
And end this devastation
If all this rain does not stop soon
We may be asking for flotation

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Paying it Forward


With the weather kind to us, and the sun smiling down on us, and it is indeed difficult to feel anything but grateful for all our blessings.

I watch the news and see people are flooding on the Canadian prairies, burning in the far north and and in the American south, fighting typhoons out in the Philippines and living through horrific wars and strife in other parts of the world.

Here in our peaceful area, I hear our people complaining about oppressing heat! Granted I do not enjoy the 30 above heat either. But I am one of the fortunate ones. I do not have to actually go out and work in this heat.  If I did, I would be complaining too, but luckily, I can hole up in an air-conditioned building and wait it out. So my complaints could easily be classified as "juvenile whining".

Not so for the  problems of the millions of the really unfortunate people who are facing "real" problems. They cannot escape their hardships no matter what they do !!! My heart goes out to them, but that is of no consolation to them! We can only watch their suffering on a TV screen and empathize and sympathize and wish that somehow the world would right itself (but it doesn't!)

So to those of us who can, let's snatch the moment and make something good out of it --- for ourselves, for others out there.  Let's plant our piece of good where we find ground for it. If that stifles one senseless complaint and puts a smile on even one face, then we we have done "our part"!
In this world, that is all we can do. But it is better than contributing to the depression with complaints about things that are of little importance!

Saturday 2 August 2014

Search For Peace

Desperate Search For Peace

Searching for truth in a sea of doubting
Amid the frothy waves of life’s unending trials
I battle fear to maintain confidence
But simple buoyancy evades me still.
Desperately I flounder 
As I sink ever deeper beneath the brine.

The shore of wisdom slips ever further
From sight – and panic now grips the mind
All signs have vanished that had meaning
Survival struggles have lost appeal
It’s just “defeat” that now seems real!

Should I really forego the combat
To maintain serenity, faith and pride?
Is it really worth all this turmoil
This endless strain that just won’t yield?
Would it not be so much simpler
To accept the inevitable and make that the “truth”?

Saturday 19 July 2014

One More Yesterday

Just One More Yesterday

A head too full of “good times”
A mind too full of thought
A heart too full of memories
Of battles so hard fought.

A life so scarred and battered
With pain and sorrow borne
She spends her time remembering
As she sits there so forlorn.

She has nine children living
In this town (not far away)
But they never come to see her
They’re “too busy” they all say.

Still those times were well worth living
So filled with gratification
When her children all adored her
And showed appreciation

Now she’s lonely and forgotten
And she struggles all alone
To overcome depression
‘Bout the “good life” she’s outgrown.

New friends come try to cheer her
(All old friends have passed away)
So she sits with her heart broken
Wishing for “just one more yesterday”.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

A Magpie's Lament

A Magpie’s Lament

Somehow I got short-changed
Somehow I was maltreated
When music was distributed
I feel that I was cheated.

The chickadee is just a little bird
Its coat is drab and grey
But it sings a lilting cheery song
As it flits about all day.

The robin only knows one song
But it's music to the ears
It’s a harbinger of happy times
Each time that spring appears

The bluebird has a neat blue coat
And a song that all admire
It sends the hearts of all who hear
To heights their souls aspire.

The whippoorwill just sings at night
Still it fails to aggravate
The folks don’t seem to mind at all
Cause its call they so appreciate

Even crows do not irritate
The folks the way I do
And jays don’t really sing, I know
And pigeons only coo.

But I’m dressed for the party
And I’m sure I sound conceited
But my tuxedo coat does not impress
Cause my squawk  has me defeated! 

Wednesday 2 July 2014



I'm really not a procrastinator, but I have to confess that I am somewhat scatterbrained. (And those squawking magpies outside my window certainly don't help my concentration process at all either!)
But excuses don't cut it, so I better just bite the bullet and put the blame where it belongs - right here at my own feet.  I  have too many projects on the go and cannot do any of them any justice until I prioritize them properly. It all boils down to "put your money where your  mouth is!"

Yes, I write!  But what am I writing???  Well, I finished a novel lately but it is in first draft stage and still requires alot of revision. That is one project. Next project: A friend finished his book and I struggled through it (I can read  normal print for very short periods of time and it was not a big book).  It was a collection of short stories and it triggered  many memories for me.  I enjoyed those stories and was so inspired by the book that I started jotting down some of my own somewhat self-buried adventures - actually some rather self-deprecating confessions, I must admit. (Well I never did claim to be "smart")!

I have also started another novel, a sequel to my already published "Secret In Her Heart". That is project #3. And now that I have my MP3 player working, I would like to listen to some more audio books.

Who said retirement is boring??? I have not learned the meaning of that word! Will I live long enough to complete all the things I'd like to do?  I can only hope!!!

Sunday 29 June 2014

Family Problems For Birds

Even Birds Have Family Problems

This spring a pair of magpies set up their home in a tree in our back yard.  Having been part of this kind of scenario in the past, I was expecting a raucous summer once those eggs hatched, but even I did not expect the piercing mayhem that has been inundating our eardrums for the past three or four weeks - at at all hours of the day and much of the nights as well.  Obviously even magpies have problems with their kids  -  well into their teens and beyond - according to the "bird time frame" that this piercing squawking has has been going on for - like - forever!.

Those young magpies have to have entered their "teens and beyond" by now but they must be worst "problem children" of the  bird kingdom because, surely by now, they should have grown up so that their parents can relax in peace! This has obviously not happened and those young magpies  are like some people's families.  These "bird kids" just refuse to "fly the coop"! Their poor, haggard, parents are still trying to teach them how to fend for themselves and they are apparently failing miserably at that task. It sounds to me  like  those young magpies will never, ever, grow up and will forever be depending on their parents to supply them with all the basic needs of life!

I think this family of magpies is the perfect example of  the "true dysfunctional family" of the  bird world!!!

Friday 27 June 2014

Anxious Aging

Anxious Aging

She leans heavily on her walker
As she shuffles slowly down the hall
Uttering moans so barely audible
Moving toward an end as yet unclear.

 Searching for peace in a sea of doubting
Amid obscure objectives and dim reflections
Of days so quickly fading from her mind
And she wanders, fearful, anxious
For that certainty she can no longer find.

Youth and vitality have vanished forever.
They slipped right out from her last firm grip
Now from beyond they taunt and tease her
With tormenting visions of yesteryears
When confidence was but a simple concept
 And life was such a breeze to live.

Passing time brings fading images
Of a life that can no longer be
And she ponders this new prospect
Of  “Old Memories” as her destiny.