Thursday, 21 August 2014

In Memory Robin Williams

When Depression Wins

He made us laugh all through his life
It was his glowing passion
Yet behind that silly grin there lurked
That demon of depression.

That depression got the upper hand
And he lost all will to fight
All his problems overwhelmed him
When the darkness shut out light.

With age and fate against him
And gloom would not dispel
When the torrents of bleak anguish
Did forever rise and swell.

He tried to hide his feelings
His  problems and his  pain
But gloom and desperation
Had established their domain

He sought relief where ever
Illusive though it be
For just a glimpse of childlike peace
To end the misery.

But it’s really  not that easy
To camouflage the truth
No matter how hard we try
We can’t recapture youth.

Rest in peace Robin and keep smiling into forever!

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