About Cassie

Born in Mossey River, Manitoba, and raised as a farm girl near Ethelbert, Cassie relates her biography in three books she published: Roots, A Life in Review,  Small Beginnings and Mushrooms, Mini-Cars and Welsh Mead.

Married to an Ethelbert farmer, Cassie took an active role in the farming operations while raising 3 children. Being resourceful, she found pleasure in creative ways to financial viability.

In 1977, Cassie went back to school to obtain her Grade 12 graduating one year after the last of her children! She took night courses in business and obtained her dream job as a secretary. This was the completion of an unfinished fantasy and she felt gratified and proud of her accomplishments. 

From 1980 till the present, Cassie has traveled not only on the continent but also worldwide and kept detailed travel logs of these highlights of her life.

Cassie has published six books including three memoirs, a poetry anthology, a children's picture book and a fictional novel. To find out more or order her books, click here. 

Contact Cassie for more information at luv2crus@gmail.com

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