Thursday, 28 May 2015

An Awakening

Acknowledging An Awakening

The brilliant orb of light awakens me
The Eye of Judgement from heaven above
 It pierces my downcast emotions
Condemning and rebuking me
For my unwarranted despondency
Wishing for something even I cannot define
It stabs and spears at my voracity
And my failure to comprehend
That my rational needs have all been met. 
Reality crashes through my melancholy
Charging me with disapproval and admonition 
Shaming me for my ingratitude.
Scattering my despondency to oblivion!

I humbly review my good fortune
So unrivalled that I bow in shame
I acknowledge all the notable blessings
Supplied so bountifully throughout my days
That I revile at my ingratitude
And renounce my senseless greed!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Timely Discovery

I found this poem when I was browsing through my files today.  I don't remember when I wrote it but it seems so appropriate  for what  I have been going through lately.  I wanted to share it with you. I apologize if it is  a repeat. 

Managing Impatience

What I feared did not happen
What I imagined did not come through
What I planned did not materialize
All my lists just followed queue.
 I suppose I should be grateful
I know less than I thought I knew
This time my apprehension
Failed to raise a coup!
It stressed me out for nothing
It frazzled me to no end
I could have stayed unruffled
But I failed to comprehend
Life is what we make it
We fear what we don’t know
If we face it with timidity
It’ll defeat us just to show
Fear cripples our capacity
To be the best that we can be
It limits our potential
And zaps our energy.
It makes us question everything
We used to think was right
It makes us fear the future
And makes us run in flight.
We multiply the negatives
The bad things that could go wrong
 We cripple that great spirit
That used to be so strong
We conjure up scenarios
Of catastrophic mayhem 
It cripples our potential
And serves as our REQUIM!

Amended Goals

Another Year,  Another Spring

Another year, another spring
Another promise in the making
Another dream, a goal, a vision
A new opportunity for undertaking
That task that once seemed so important
That I spent such hours in scheming
Has somehow lost its zest appeal
And no longer now has much meaning.
For ambitions seem to shift and change
With the whims of my emotions
They stray and flounder under stress
And alter prior devotions.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Progress and Change

Numbered Aspirations

My days are now more precious
More treasures I do see
More birds sing at my window
New melodies to me.

There’s a sweeter breeze caressing
My face as it wafts on by
It sighs and whispers softly
Of days so long gone by.

My life so fast is changing
I hardly can keep up
But I know that all these changes
I really don’t wish to stop!

So you breezes keep on whispering
Fuel my spirit with your fire
For it’s only through these struggles
That I’ll achieve what I desire.

Cause a spirit that is stagnant
That no longer has a goal
Is an essence that’s departed
Like the body with no soul.