Sunday, 21 June 2015


My  Achilles Heel
Just when I think I’ve conquered
Just when I think I’ve won
Just when I think I can succeed
I find  I’ve just begun.
The task looms large before me
It hackles all my senses
It gains its sheer momentum
And shatters my defences.
My confidence just plummets,
In the face of this big mission
It’s really not then simple
To reach this goal’s fruition.
I may have to change direction
And abandon this objective
It seems that I made decisions
Without a true perspective.
I thought I was invincible
That my powers would abound
I never considered limits
Or how they would confound 
Those tasks and that are around me
Those commitments every day
They gobbled up my leisure
And left no time for play

Monday, 15 June 2015



So call me "unorganised". I have been here two months and I have no regrets about the move, but I am still waiting for one more "AHA" moment though this last AHA may never come.  The item I am looking for could just be a casualty of the move.  It is just that it was a special souvenir  and I was rather fond of the item.  However, it is a small price to pay for a move that was otherwise very positive. It will take time to develop a lasting comfortable routine but I am getting there.

Moving is a stressful venture, especially for the elderly.  It uproots your home, your routine, and most definitely your comfort zone.  But it  carries with it important benefits that that make the stress almost worth it.  (Notice I said "almost")  I am sure that my last "AHA so there you are!" moment will probably erase the "almost" entirely  but in the meantime,  the memory of the stress associated with moving is still rather fresh in my mind.  Still,  like everything else in life, "This too shall pass".  In the meantime, summer is here, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the sun smiles at me every morning, so life is GOOD!