Monday, 22 September 2014

My News

My Newest Book

I just received the shipment of my newest book called Mushrooms, Mini-cars and Welsh Mead.  This new book is a compilation of memories of experiences from my life and is a follow-up to my other two memoir books,  Roots - A Life in Review  and Small Beginnings.  It is the final one of this series.


I am now working on  a sequel to my fiction novel called The Secret in Her Heart,  and, if I can, I hope to someday publish another collection of poetry.  Wish me luck folks! I will need it.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Peace One Day 2014

Peace One Day

I just realized that today is  designated as "Peace One Day 2014".   How wonderful it would be if for just one day - today - we could have total peace in the world?!!!!
Here are the words I heard sung over the internet.  What a wonderful idea!!!!!
I just could not resist adding this post today.

If I could write a magic song
That everyone could sing
I'd write of love and hope and joy
And things that peace could bring
And when we sang that magic song
All hate and war would cease
One song could bring a miracle
And fill the world with peace!
One song for all of us.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Journey of life

Journey of Life

I woke this morning thankful
For the time that I was given
To enjoy this wonderful new day
Cause my life is so worth livin’!

I cherish every moment
Every miracle of each day
Not wishing to waste its merits
Like some worthless castaway.  

We humans are so lucky
We can look ahead and back
We can study every blunder
Then improve on traits we lack.

We can learn important lessons
From each mistake we make
We can even change direction
With each task we undertake.

Our lives are but our tour maps
Of experiences that we bore
Those events that made us who we are
And they tally up our score.

We can make that score look good or bad
By how we respond to strife
We can make them just our stepping stones
On this journey we call life!!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Age Spots

That’s Not Age Spots

They’re trying to sell me potions
To hide my age spots and my wrinkles
That are part of that living process
Each passing day now sprinkles.

I really do not think it’s bad
To display that confirmation
That I’ve been here for quite some time
That demands corroboration!

My wrinkles are the road map
Of the twists and turns I’ve made
My dark spots are the price tags
Of the penalties I paid.

So I cherish every blemish
Every wrinkle, every pore
And I’m hoping to keep getting  
More – and more – and more!

Cause stopping now means ceasing
To reap benefits that I’ve earned
To enjoy this life of leisure
So long for this I’ve yearned.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Robins' Farewell

Back Again
A few days ago I happened to get a very special treat from Mother Nature.  I was at my daughter's place, sitting outside and enjoying what I now realize was probably summer's last hurrah,  because it was the day before the snow.  Not that we got what Calgary got, though it seemed that different regions got different amounts.  Downtown Edmonton, where my apartment is, the lawns stayed green. The snow melted as it hit the ground but at my daughter's place in the north end of the city the snow covered the ground for a shot while to make the lawn white.  Still, it was too early for snow!!! Anywhere!!!

Anyway, as I sat there, I got the thrill of my life when a flock of about fifteen to twenty robins  arrived in the yard.  They landed in the apricot tree just over the bird bath and took turns taking a bath!!! It was as if they came especially for that specific purpose --- to wash up before their trip south!  I have never seen robins flocking together in large numbers like that, though I used to have many of them come in for a bath at my birdbath when I lived in Manitoba.  This was an unusual treat for me to see them come in like this, as if they just came to bid me farewell.  The next day, we got that early snow!

Were they trying to tell me something????

Friday, 5 September 2014

A Precious Gift


I went to a drugstore with a special request today but they told me they could not fill my order. They advertise that they carry everything so that is false advertising, is it not??? I only asked for one single dose of "youth" and they turned me down.  I was extremely disappointed.

 As a Ukrainian kid growing up, I used to listen to a very melodic and beautiful Ukrainian song about a woman that was  going to go on a trip in search of her youthful healthy years.  I can still hear the melody but do not recall all the words. It was sung by a woman who was going to ask  her youthful years to at least "visit her for awhile as a guest"  The next verse is the reply  from her youthful years who tell her they can never come back because she had not cherished either her youth or her good health when she had them, therefore there was "nothing" to come back to now.

Sometimes it seems to me that song is relevant to some of today's youth who waste their youthful good  health on drugs , alcohol, smokes and and other destructive lifestyles.  Too late, they find that there is no turning back after the damage is done.  Just simple ageing is enough of a downgrade for any "body". And that is even without any prior abuse or addition of destructive practices.

Cherish your youth and your health! They are precious! Just ask any senior.