Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Scale is Broke

My  Scale is Broke

Along with a million others
I decided to lose some weight
To shed those extra inches
Protruding across my waist.

I thought it should be easy
Cause my numbers were still few
But let me tell you straight, folks
Losing is hard to do.

Whether you're fighting with ten or twenty
Or a hundred or two
You're fighting that same darn battle
Against commercial crazy glue!

Those pounds are stuck as solid
They're determined to stay on
Shedding them's much harder
Than it was to put them on.

The times I was distracted
By treats of forbidden pleasure
Have added to my poundage
And doubled up my "measure".

By indulgeing those evil tastebuds
By succumbing to temptation
I have to pay the piper now
And suffer through starvation.

No matter how I try to lose
No matter how I pay
The scale refuses to go down
Those pounds are there to stay.

I only sinned "alittle"
But the pounds did multiply
A few pounds turned to twenty
And I just don't know why!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Enough Already

I Miss Mosquitoes?!?!?

Winter has not been that bad this year, certainly not half as bad as in some areas.  Call it "Global Warming",  call it "Banana Belt Effect", "Ell Ninio", "it's our turn", or just plain "Good Old-fashioned luck"!!!  But we have to admit we did get some nice breaks every now and then.  No really long stretches of unrelenting cold.

It could be worse. I know!!!  But I'm still ready for spring!  Spring - Nothing! I'm greedy!  I want summer! I'm longing for the discomfort of sweltering  90 degree weather. I'm envisioning myself desperately seeking momentary relief in some kind of air-conditioned quarters.  Heavens!  I even miss mosquitoes!!!  I'd even put up with those ubiquitous annoying pests that always manage to dodge my well-aimed slaps and tickle and bite me to distraction. Still I'd put up with them, just for the pleasure of getting out there on the open deck or on the grass with nothing more on than a pair of light pedal pushers and a  flimsy sleeveless top!  I can almost feel the breeze caressing my cheeks as it messes up my hairdo, drying up the sweat beneath it. Wistfully I can almost smell the fragrance of the various blossoms and hear the bees as they buzz among the blooms,  the birds twittering in the treetops above me.   This is the only way I know how to get myself through these long days of semi-isolation. It is my only defence against the monotony of cold winter days that coerce us to hide behind closed windows and doors and warm furnaces.

I want to get outdoors without big boots and bulky coats and sweaters and hoods.  I want to forget about earmuffs, gloves and big warm woolly scarves.  I want to feel light and get that spring back under my feet.  I want to shed all this heavy bulk that I always have to carry around just to keep old man winter from making me shudder and shake as it sucks the very life blood out of my lungs and liver and my kidneys.  Enough already. I'm not into leaving this country for warmer climates! I like Canada! But I want summer! 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet

As our years keep marching on
And we look back at our past
In childlike wonder we question fate
Are we there yet?
Did we fulfill our destiny already?
How much farther can we go?
Do we dare to still aspire
Do we dare to dream ahead?
Could we reach for goals and attain
Some vague purpose as yet unknown?

As you  ponder at the wonder
Of  life's journey and reflect
Do you wonder where you're heading?
And how much farther you can get?

We've all come far from where we started
Traversing life's ever winding curves
Blindly, boldly down uncharted byways
While searching for that illusive dream.
That we just can't forget.

Life's a tour of woes and wishes
Some of them are so far-fetched
But life itself has been a lesson
How life can speed  - or change - or cease
And we wonder, "Are we there yet????"

Friday, 1 February 2013

Time Marches On

Wow!  February already.  Where did the time go? I have always maintained that it took me forever to get to the age of sixteen but since then I seem to be looking for those ever illusive-brakes on this vehicle that is propelling me on  a down-hill slope and TIME just refuses to heed my pleas to slow down.

Why is it that we don't appreciate time until it becomes a scarce commodity?  Now don't get me wrong.  I am retired.  I do not punch a clock, or  report for work for a 9 to 5 job or dash to classes or any such mundane inconveniences that most younger folks are subjected too.  I am supposed to be past that stage.  Frankly speaking, I'm supposed to be a master of my own destiny now.  Still I seem to be on some kind of a schedule that makes free moments difficult to find.  I always seem to have a to-do-list that I just never can make disappear.

However, unlike some people, I have never been bored, which in my mind, would be a fate far worse than having a never-ending to-do-list.  So I may as well not complain.  I am well-off!  (And by that, I do not mean money-rich!) But wouldn't it be awful to have time drag?!? That would be much harder to take than having too many goals ahead of me.  As long as I don't miss out on anything important, life is still an adventure.  So until someone delivers that old order for a 36-hour day, I will just appreciate the fact that I do have prospects for more ventures ahead and that I can at least firmly anticipate shortening my to-do-list!