Thursday, 7 February 2013

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet

As our years keep marching on
And we look back at our past
In childlike wonder we question fate
Are we there yet?
Did we fulfill our destiny already?
How much farther can we go?
Do we dare to still aspire
Do we dare to dream ahead?
Could we reach for goals and attain
Some vague purpose as yet unknown?

As you  ponder at the wonder
Of  life's journey and reflect
Do you wonder where you're heading?
And how much farther you can get?

We've all come far from where we started
Traversing life's ever winding curves
Blindly, boldly down uncharted byways
While searching for that illusive dream.
That we just can't forget.

Life's a tour of woes and wishes
Some of them are so far-fetched
But life itself has been a lesson
How life can speed  - or change - or cease
And we wonder, "Are we there yet????"

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