Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mid-thought Rests

When Patience Fails

When patience fails, gets mushy
And logic  takes a powder
Waning wits, tangled thoughts
Announce our flaws much louder.
It's not that we don't mean well
It's not that we don't care
It's just that we now operate
On a totally different fare
It's not that we are senile
Cause we know just what is wrong
We'll get to it out eventually
It's just waiting on our tongue
It just takes a little longer
For our words to reach your ears
We've just used up all our slick tricks
Over all those many years

You bright and nimble young things
Don't laugh or ridicule
You think that you'll outsmart it
And change the aging rule
But that is not how the rules work
As us old folks can attest
We're just slower than we used to be
Cause we're taking a mid-thought rest! 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Remembrance Day

We Remember
With a haunting and poignant pathos
We recall those heroes
We never really knew.
Those unfamiliar faces
Warriors all, bold, intrepid,
The guardians of our freedom borne.

With distant visions yet undefined
Noble passions, valiant aspirations
And willing hearts they faced the dark unknown
They left behind their peaceful homes
To wander in uncharted regions
To face distress, life fraught with danger
To bravely fight a war that was not their own.

Can we even ever change age old ideologies
So unlike our own, yet so ingrained
That foreign concepts just cannot grasp
Nor accept? nor consider? nor renounce?
Yet our heroes go to battle
They strive, they struggle, they sacrifice
To make life just a little better
For strangers they will never know!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Winter Adventures

Tubing Down The Ravine
Another one of winters pleasures was tumbling  down a ravine in a huge tractor tube. This could be fun providing you didn't hit any unexpected protruding rocks on the way down, or else you would go sailing into the wild blue yonder and hopefully just land on soft snow and not on any hard surface.
Alas, this is but a memory.  Those days are long gone and the only thrill I can get now comes from reliving those pleasures as I leaf through old picture albums. Oh, but what fun that was!! Remember this, Mixers????

Monday, 5 November 2012

Skis, Skates or Cleats

Skates or cleats
We're back to the snow and ice again.  I really don't mind winter.  If you dress for it,  it can be comfortable. And it can be fun!  It is a beautiful time of the year, especially when the hoar frost turns the landscape into a glistening  wonderland of white! Even summer' blossoms can be hard pressed to compete with that phenomenon.

However before we get to that stage, we often must go through that that "freezing rain" season.  I don't think there is a single Canadian (or perhaps even some Americans) that actually enjoy that hazardous stage of our changing seasons.  I was walking to church yesterday and I usually enjoy the walk (eight city blocks), but yesterday, I almost turned back in surrender. Overnight the streets  had turned into a veritable skating rink, replete with miniature unexpected dips and slides
It seems that we do this every year.  In order to get to the good times we must first get through the bad ones.
Oh well, since I hung up my skis and my snowshoes, perhaps I should invest in a pair of skates.  Better still, considering my advancing age and my declining agility, perhaps it would be wiser to just go with sharp-point cleats!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Fun

Halloween Holstein

Sorry about the delay folks but  I was waiting for this picture, to show you our Halloween party fun.
These were some of the guests at our annual Halloween party. It was a riot of an evening! Age is no barrier to having fun and many of our residents just let their hair down, donned masks and costumes and just naturally hammed it up.  A mask allows you a freedom  to act silly with wild abandon.  It transcends the boundaries of "prim and proper decorum" and gives you license toss your inhibitions to the four winds and just let it happen!  It's all just in the name of harmless fun! Halloween is fun for all good sports.