Monday, 5 November 2012

Skis, Skates or Cleats

Skates or cleats
We're back to the snow and ice again.  I really don't mind winter.  If you dress for it,  it can be comfortable. And it can be fun!  It is a beautiful time of the year, especially when the hoar frost turns the landscape into a glistening  wonderland of white! Even summer' blossoms can be hard pressed to compete with that phenomenon.

However before we get to that stage, we often must go through that that "freezing rain" season.  I don't think there is a single Canadian (or perhaps even some Americans) that actually enjoy that hazardous stage of our changing seasons.  I was walking to church yesterday and I usually enjoy the walk (eight city blocks), but yesterday, I almost turned back in surrender. Overnight the streets  had turned into a veritable skating rink, replete with miniature unexpected dips and slides
It seems that we do this every year.  In order to get to the good times we must first get through the bad ones.
Oh well, since I hung up my skis and my snowshoes, perhaps I should invest in a pair of skates.  Better still, considering my advancing age and my declining agility, perhaps it would be wiser to just go with sharp-point cleats!

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