Saturday, 10 November 2012

Remembrance Day

We Remember
With a haunting and poignant pathos
We recall those heroes
We never really knew.
Those unfamiliar faces
Warriors all, bold, intrepid,
The guardians of our freedom borne.

With distant visions yet undefined
Noble passions, valiant aspirations
And willing hearts they faced the dark unknown
They left behind their peaceful homes
To wander in uncharted regions
To face distress, life fraught with danger
To bravely fight a war that was not their own.

Can we even ever change age old ideologies
So unlike our own, yet so ingrained
That foreign concepts just cannot grasp
Nor accept? nor consider? nor renounce?
Yet our heroes go to battle
They strive, they struggle, they sacrifice
To make life just a little better
For strangers they will never know!

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