Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A New Day

A New Day

Morning dawns across the heavens
As the bright sun claims supremacy once again
Conquered now, the stars are take cover
Behind the mantle of dawn’s delight
Like chastised children hiding from Mother’s reproaching frown.

Darkness retreats, now defeated
Its departure a victory o’er the night
Silently the slumbering new day wakens
Its course as yet uncharted – insecure
But potential beckons – buoyant, optimistic
To dream of ventures, aspirations 
That defy the scrutiny borne of fear
Presenting bravado like a dare
Yet treading stealthily lest they overstep their bounds.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


My  Achilles Heel
Just when I think I’ve conquered
Just when I think I’ve won
Just when I think I can succeed
I find  I’ve just begun.
The task looms large before me
It hackles all my senses
It gains its sheer momentum
And shatters my defences.
My confidence just plummets,
In the face of this big mission
It’s really not then simple
To reach this goal’s fruition.
I may have to change direction
And abandon this objective
It seems that I made decisions
Without a true perspective.
I thought I was invincible
That my powers would abound
I never considered limits
Or how they would confound 
Those tasks and that are around me
Those commitments every day
They gobbled up my leisure
And left no time for play

Monday, 15 June 2015



So call me "unorganised". I have been here two months and I have no regrets about the move, but I am still waiting for one more "AHA" moment though this last AHA may never come.  The item I am looking for could just be a casualty of the move.  It is just that it was a special souvenir  and I was rather fond of the item.  However, it is a small price to pay for a move that was otherwise very positive. It will take time to develop a lasting comfortable routine but I am getting there.

Moving is a stressful venture, especially for the elderly.  It uproots your home, your routine, and most definitely your comfort zone.  But it  carries with it important benefits that that make the stress almost worth it.  (Notice I said "almost")  I am sure that my last "AHA so there you are!" moment will probably erase the "almost" entirely  but in the meantime,  the memory of the stress associated with moving is still rather fresh in my mind.  Still,  like everything else in life, "This too shall pass".  In the meantime, summer is here, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the sun smiles at me every morning, so life is GOOD!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

An Awakening

Acknowledging An Awakening

The brilliant orb of light awakens me
The Eye of Judgement from heaven above
 It pierces my downcast emotions
Condemning and rebuking me
For my unwarranted despondency
Wishing for something even I cannot define
It stabs and spears at my voracity
And my failure to comprehend
That my rational needs have all been met. 
Reality crashes through my melancholy
Charging me with disapproval and admonition 
Shaming me for my ingratitude.
Scattering my despondency to oblivion!

I humbly review my good fortune
So unrivalled that I bow in shame
I acknowledge all the notable blessings
Supplied so bountifully throughout my days
That I revile at my ingratitude
And renounce my senseless greed!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Timely Discovery

I found this poem when I was browsing through my files today.  I don't remember when I wrote it but it seems so appropriate  for what  I have been going through lately.  I wanted to share it with you. I apologize if it is  a repeat. 

Managing Impatience

What I feared did not happen
What I imagined did not come through
What I planned did not materialize
All my lists just followed queue.
 I suppose I should be grateful
I know less than I thought I knew
This time my apprehension
Failed to raise a coup!
It stressed me out for nothing
It frazzled me to no end
I could have stayed unruffled
But I failed to comprehend
Life is what we make it
We fear what we don’t know
If we face it with timidity
It’ll defeat us just to show
Fear cripples our capacity
To be the best that we can be
It limits our potential
And zaps our energy.
It makes us question everything
We used to think was right
It makes us fear the future
And makes us run in flight.
We multiply the negatives
The bad things that could go wrong
 We cripple that great spirit
That used to be so strong
We conjure up scenarios
Of catastrophic mayhem 
It cripples our potential
And serves as our REQUIM!

Amended Goals

Another Year,  Another Spring

Another year, another spring
Another promise in the making
Another dream, a goal, a vision
A new opportunity for undertaking
That task that once seemed so important
That I spent such hours in scheming
Has somehow lost its zest appeal
And no longer now has much meaning.
For ambitions seem to shift and change
With the whims of my emotions
They stray and flounder under stress
And alter prior devotions.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Progress and Change

Numbered Aspirations

My days are now more precious
More treasures I do see
More birds sing at my window
New melodies to me.

There’s a sweeter breeze caressing
My face as it wafts on by
It sighs and whispers softly
Of days so long gone by.

My life so fast is changing
I hardly can keep up
But I know that all these changes
I really don’t wish to stop!

So you breezes keep on whispering
Fuel my spirit with your fire
For it’s only through these struggles
That I’ll achieve what I desire.

Cause a spirit that is stagnant
That no longer has a goal
Is an essence that’s departed
Like the body with no soul.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Getting There

Hi All
It has been a very stressful albeit exciting and very busy couple of months for me.  Last fall, I visited a place that  that I liked very much and I decided I wanted to live there myself.  (It wasn’t that I disliked living where I was, but the new place had many amenities that that were just not available at the place where I was.)  I decided to move.  That is where the stress came in. Not that it was a bad decision!!!! But it meant disrupting my comfortable routines and my well-organized home and going to a place of absolute chaos, living out of boxes, and searching, searching, SEARCHING  for things that I had always known exactly where to find  and which had always been readily available at my fingertips.

 I am now having alot of  “AHA!  so there you are” moments and although the “AHA” moments are always rewarding, I find the preludes to them extremely distressing. They deplete my energy and distort my concentration.

But "This, too, shall pass!!!" Bear with me while I get myself organized and into a NORMAL routine. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Life's Surprises

Mid Night Meanderings

I know I should be sleeping
I know I’m wasting time
I’m waiting for a piece of peace
To still this paradigm

My life is in a state of flux  
My brain works overtime
It portrays an image of a life
With blessings all sublime

Just when I thought it hopeless
When I expected least
My wish for just a simple fix
 God answered with a feast.

So now I lie awake content
Not in a state of strife
I can now go to sleep at night
All satisfied with life!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Still Here

Happy New year.
(Somewhat late for most folks but if you'll pretend you're Ukrainian for a few days, New Years is still coming on the 14th. Still for the Ukainians and the non-Ukrainians alike, I wish you all a great new year and if you had a not-so-good 2014,  I hope that 2015 will more than make up for it. So dump the bad memories in the garbage and let's have a great 2015!!!!!
I'm still here, perhaps not as tough as I'd like to be, but I'm still kickin' and on the green side of the grass yet!!! It's been a rough few weeks but I'm just not ready to throw in the towel that easily.  Bear with me while get back to normal and get my fiesty self back again.