Thursday, 28 May 2015

An Awakening

Acknowledging An Awakening

The brilliant orb of light awakens me
The Eye of Judgement from heaven above
 It pierces my downcast emotions
Condemning and rebuking me
For my unwarranted despondency
Wishing for something even I cannot define
It stabs and spears at my voracity
And my failure to comprehend
That my rational needs have all been met. 
Reality crashes through my melancholy
Charging me with disapproval and admonition 
Shaming me for my ingratitude.
Scattering my despondency to oblivion!

I humbly review my good fortune
So unrivalled that I bow in shame
I acknowledge all the notable blessings
Supplied so bountifully throughout my days
That I revile at my ingratitude
And renounce my senseless greed!

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