Saturday, 19 July 2014

One More Yesterday

Just One More Yesterday

A head too full of “good times”
A mind too full of thought
A heart too full of memories
Of battles so hard fought.

A life so scarred and battered
With pain and sorrow borne
She spends her time remembering
As she sits there so forlorn.

She has nine children living
In this town (not far away)
But they never come to see her
They’re “too busy” they all say.

Still those times were well worth living
So filled with gratification
When her children all adored her
And showed appreciation

Now she’s lonely and forgotten
And she struggles all alone
To overcome depression
‘Bout the “good life” she’s outgrown.

New friends come try to cheer her
(All old friends have passed away)
So she sits with her heart broken
Wishing for “just one more yesterday”.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Magpie's Lament

A Magpie’s Lament

Somehow I got short-changed
Somehow I was maltreated
When music was distributed
I feel that I was cheated.

The chickadee is just a little bird
Its coat is drab and grey
But it sings a lilting cheery song
As it flits about all day.

The robin only knows one song
But it's music to the ears
It’s a harbinger of happy times
Each time that spring appears

The bluebird has a neat blue coat
And a song that all admire
It sends the hearts of all who hear
To heights their souls aspire.

The whippoorwill just sings at night
Still it fails to aggravate
The folks don’t seem to mind at all
Cause its call they so appreciate

Even crows do not irritate
The folks the way I do
And jays don’t really sing, I know
And pigeons only coo.

But I’m dressed for the party
And I’m sure I sound conceited
But my tuxedo coat does not impress
Cause my squawk  has me defeated! 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014



I'm really not a procrastinator, but I have to confess that I am somewhat scatterbrained. (And those squawking magpies outside my window certainly don't help my concentration process at all either!)
But excuses don't cut it, so I better just bite the bullet and put the blame where it belongs - right here at my own feet.  I  have too many projects on the go and cannot do any of them any justice until I prioritize them properly. It all boils down to "put your money where your  mouth is!"

Yes, I write!  But what am I writing???  Well, I finished a novel lately but it is in first draft stage and still requires alot of revision. That is one project. Next project: A friend finished his book and I struggled through it (I can read  normal print for very short periods of time and it was not a big book).  It was a collection of short stories and it triggered  many memories for me.  I enjoyed those stories and was so inspired by the book that I started jotting down some of my own somewhat self-buried adventures - actually some rather self-deprecating confessions, I must admit. (Well I never did claim to be "smart")!

I have also started another novel, a sequel to my already published "Secret In Her Heart". That is project #3. And now that I have my MP3 player working, I would like to listen to some more audio books.

Who said retirement is boring??? I have not learned the meaning of that word! Will I live long enough to complete all the things I'd like to do?  I can only hope!!!