Saturday, 19 July 2014

One More Yesterday

Just One More Yesterday

A head too full of “good times”
A mind too full of thought
A heart too full of memories
Of battles so hard fought.

A life so scarred and battered
With pain and sorrow borne
She spends her time remembering
As she sits there so forlorn.

She has nine children living
In this town (not far away)
But they never come to see her
They’re “too busy” they all say.

Still those times were well worth living
So filled with gratification
When her children all adored her
And showed appreciation

Now she’s lonely and forgotten
And she struggles all alone
To overcome depression
‘Bout the “good life” she’s outgrown.

New friends come try to cheer her
(All old friends have passed away)
So she sits with her heart broken
Wishing for “just one more yesterday”.

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