Thursday, 23 April 2015

Getting There

Hi All
It has been a very stressful albeit exciting and very busy couple of months for me.  Last fall, I visited a place that  that I liked very much and I decided I wanted to live there myself.  (It wasn’t that I disliked living where I was, but the new place had many amenities that that were just not available at the place where I was.)  I decided to move.  That is where the stress came in. Not that it was a bad decision!!!! But it meant disrupting my comfortable routines and my well-organized home and going to a place of absolute chaos, living out of boxes, and searching, searching, SEARCHING  for things that I had always known exactly where to find  and which had always been readily available at my fingertips.

 I am now having alot of  “AHA!  so there you are” moments and although the “AHA” moments are always rewarding, I find the preludes to them extremely distressing. They deplete my energy and distort my concentration.

But "This, too, shall pass!!!" Bear with me while I get myself organized and into a NORMAL routine. 

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