Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Scale is Broke

My  Scale is Broke

Along with a million others
I decided to lose some weight
To shed those extra inches
Protruding across my waist.

I thought it should be easy
Cause my numbers were still few
But let me tell you straight, folks
Losing is hard to do.

Whether you're fighting with ten or twenty
Or a hundred or two
You're fighting that same darn battle
Against commercial crazy glue!

Those pounds are stuck as solid
They're determined to stay on
Shedding them's much harder
Than it was to put them on.

The times I was distracted
By treats of forbidden pleasure
Have added to my poundage
And doubled up my "measure".

By indulgeing those evil tastebuds
By succumbing to temptation
I have to pay the piper now
And suffer through starvation.

No matter how I try to lose
No matter how I pay
The scale refuses to go down
Those pounds are there to stay.

I only sinned "alittle"
But the pounds did multiply
A few pounds turned to twenty
And I just don't know why!

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