Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Enough Already

I Miss Mosquitoes?!?!?

Winter has not been that bad this year, certainly not half as bad as in some areas.  Call it "Global Warming",  call it "Banana Belt Effect", "Ell Ninio", "it's our turn", or just plain "Good Old-fashioned luck"!!!  But we have to admit we did get some nice breaks every now and then.  No really long stretches of unrelenting cold.

It could be worse. I know!!!  But I'm still ready for spring!  Spring - Nothing! I'm greedy!  I want summer! I'm longing for the discomfort of sweltering  90 degree weather. I'm envisioning myself desperately seeking momentary relief in some kind of air-conditioned quarters.  Heavens!  I even miss mosquitoes!!!  I'd even put up with those ubiquitous annoying pests that always manage to dodge my well-aimed slaps and tickle and bite me to distraction. Still I'd put up with them, just for the pleasure of getting out there on the open deck or on the grass with nothing more on than a pair of light pedal pushers and a  flimsy sleeveless top!  I can almost feel the breeze caressing my cheeks as it messes up my hairdo, drying up the sweat beneath it. Wistfully I can almost smell the fragrance of the various blossoms and hear the bees as they buzz among the blooms,  the birds twittering in the treetops above me.   This is the only way I know how to get myself through these long days of semi-isolation. It is my only defence against the monotony of cold winter days that coerce us to hide behind closed windows and doors and warm furnaces.

I want to get outdoors without big boots and bulky coats and sweaters and hoods.  I want to forget about earmuffs, gloves and big warm woolly scarves.  I want to feel light and get that spring back under my feet.  I want to shed all this heavy bulk that I always have to carry around just to keep old man winter from making me shudder and shake as it sucks the very life blood out of my lungs and liver and my kidneys.  Enough already. I'm not into leaving this country for warmer climates! I like Canada! But I want summer! 

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