Saturday, 20 September 2014

Journey of life

Journey of Life

I woke this morning thankful
For the time that I was given
To enjoy this wonderful new day
Cause my life is so worth livin’!

I cherish every moment
Every miracle of each day
Not wishing to waste its merits
Like some worthless castaway.  

We humans are so lucky
We can look ahead and back
We can study every blunder
Then improve on traits we lack.

We can learn important lessons
From each mistake we make
We can even change direction
With each task we undertake.

Our lives are but our tour maps
Of experiences that we bore
Those events that made us who we are
And they tally up our score.

We can make that score look good or bad
By how we respond to strife
We can make them just our stepping stones
On this journey we call life!!!

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