Friday, 15 August 2014

Red Sun Phenomenon

A Red Sun in the Heavens

I’ve often watched a sunset
And marvelled at the view
Of clouds of pink and purple
And colors of every hue!

But what I saw last evening
Was a sun that was red! Instead!
I’ve never seen a sun like that
Hang suspended overhead.

Some said it was humidity
Some said it was just heat
Some said it was all that smoke
But I just thought it neat!

For I was watching a red balloon
Hung out there in the sky
An ornament for us to view
Our heavens to beautify.

Amid all our strife and conflicts
We need to sense delight
To know that life’s worth living
And our world can still be bright.

So that red sun last evening
Was a sign from God above
That even when we misbehave
He won’t withhold His love!

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