Monday, 11 August 2014

Prairie Floods

Flooding Prairies

Those twinkling stars of heaven
That wink and blink and tease
These days just hide in darkness
Determined to displease.

They peer from behind the shadows
Of clouds that make them dimmer
They peek and sneak in secret
With just a scanty glimmer

The clouds just weep in torrents
With tears that will not stop
Raising surging waters
And flooding every crop.

Those raindrops they all gather
In fields and streams and lakes
They have done so  much damage
All earth below them quakes.

They’re flooding every highway
And all valleys in between
In relentless surging rushes
Overflowing each ravine.

How do we save our homes and crops
And end this devastation
If all this rain does not stop soon
We may be asking for flotation

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