Saturday, 18 October 2014

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Autumn’s flamboyant landscape beckons to me
With brilliant golds, rusty reds, bold burgundies
Stately oaks, aspen, birch and cherry
Flaunt their splendor with sheer abandon.

Those branches, once were a verdant green
Now display their new attire with bravado.
 Like outstretched arms, they reach out
Lacing their leafy fingers high above
As though embracing one final time
And form this lovely tunnel for my passage.

Not to be outdone,
Even stately Lombardy poplars join in the fun.
Like slim golden sentinels they stand
Overlooking this gaiety and pomposity
And boldly join this carnival of exuberance.
As they sway in the gentle breeze.

With one final display of boastful daring
The trees obscure the sun’s fading rays
With their own supreme display of glory!
Before shedding this magnificent garb
To don the barren nakedness of winter grey
And sink into a long and peaceful slumber.

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