Monday, 21 November 2011

We Can't Go Back

We Can’t Go Back

We can’t go back
To youthful carefree days
When life stood still
And heaven was just a touch away.
When a simple evening walk
Brought wonder, ecstasy, and love
A shared happiness so complete
It transcended simple words.
You walked me home that night
And your touch sent my senses reeling
As your shoulder brushed mine
With a faltered step
On an unexpected rock in the shadows below
For one brief moment, you held me tight
And entrapped my heart.
You kissed me then
Oh, so shyly - yet ever so tenderly
On my cheek.
I was too shy to kiss you back
To put my arms around you
But I yearned for that moment to last
Last forever,
Wrapped tightly in your embrace.

When you left,
You took a piece of my heart with you
And I didn’t wash my face for a week
Lest I wash off
That precious, sweet and tender kiss
You had bestowed upon my cheek.
Our lives changed when we moved away
Silently and in secret, I kept dreaming
But our paths never crossed again.
My broken heart healed
And life went on.
We became different people
With different lives
Different goals
Different loves…
But the memory of that first love remained
Buried deep within my heart
To surface in those secret moments
When I walk alone in the dark
Stumble on a rock
And falter in my step….
A single shy peck upon my cheek
Still sears my face
As though a flame….
And the wonder of that first love
Still warms my aging heart.

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