Thursday, 21 June 2012


Here is another of my poems that I wrote in my poetry days.  Perhaps I could rename it "Reminisce" because that is what I do when I recall the day that I wrote it.  At that time I called it simply:

The ultimate serenity
A quiet evening stroll
Where the heart finds it haven
On a quiet country knoll.

In my dreams I often wander
Where time and life stand still
Pausing neath the tree top
Where sings the whippoorwill.

Through the quiet of the evening
Into the stillness of the night
Fanning feathers softly utter
The sound of the owl in flight

A hovering pair of nighthawks
Their silent wings unfurled
Gliding slowly o’er this portrait
Of an enchanted wonder world.

The aura of the meadow
Of fresh daisies doth proclaim
A wild fragrance none can capture
A sweet perfume none can tame.

With the sigh of an evening zephyr
The angels softly speak
Touching softly as they linger
Like silk upon my cheek.

In the breeze, the trees are swaying
With their branches gently bent
Mother Nature rocking calmly
In her armchair, so content.

In peaceful quiet rapture
My soul perceives its haven
This Paradise, this Eden
God has so freely given!

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