Saturday, 19 October 2013

Memory Lane

I was looking for a certain file last night and I came across this poem.  I thought I wrote it for my blog but 
I could not find it so if this is a repeat, please forgive me.  My computer says I created it last month.  I remember thinking of a certain friend in connection with it.


Amid thoughts that wander, stray and ramble
And memories all so poignant still
She sits alone rocking gently
With sinking heart and tear-filled eyes.
And faltering steps, she strolls through time.

She dreams, envisions and revisits
Those yesteryears forever gone
A distant past though unforgotten
A life of pleasures and delights
A life of sunshine - and of shadows
When life was full and graced with love.

Those days are gone but she remembers
Those intense moments of lows and highs
A steady stream of tears and laughter
Youthful spirits, exuberance, joy
A life that's now but a memory.

She sits - and rocks - alone!

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