Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Oh what a hopeless race I run
As I vainly struggle to hang on
My days too short, my hours too few
To complete the tasks that I must do
My goals increase as I stretch my dreams
I divide the time to patch the seams
My mind is flying in all directions
No thought concluded, just multi-fractions
I chase about at hyper speed
And lose all sight of what I need
The things I need, I must confess
To get myself out of this mess
Are simple enough, no fancy frills
No drastic drugs or doctor’s pills
An attitude adjustment is where it’s at
A turn around to tell me that
The things I dread don’t really matter
To forget about them may e’en be better
I need exposure to lighter things
The magic lull when a bluebird sings
That golden moment when day is done
A few more winks of sleep at dawn
The promise of pleasure uncurtailed
A haunting melody my sense assailed
The wafting fragrance of a rose, 
All I need is just - repose!

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