Saturday, 24 December 2011

Stepping stones

Such is Life

I watched a star through my window last night
As it peeked from the shade of a tree
I wanted to see more of its twinkling light
But the dancing leaves hid it from me.

I focused my eyes on that certain spot
Till the whispering breeze allowed me to see
A few fleeting moments of that glimmer of light
Such brief encounters from behind that tree.

I waited and waited for an hour or two
It seemed like a lifetime was passing me by
But all I could catch was an infrequent glimpse
Just a random twinkle and I wanted to cry.

Why don’t those leaves just stop all their dancing?
Why don’t they let my star shine through
Move over, come out, show me it’s brilliance
I long for much more, just flashes won’t do.

I finally left my comfortable chair
(All it took was that minor decision)
Moved to a spot where the tree did not block
That star’s silver beam and my vision.

My star was now glowing, all in full view
Minus those shadows, it glistened so bright
If I had but moved when first I had spied it
I’d have basked in its beam the whole night!

How much like real life, this starlight, I thought
All the time that we waste while we wait
Instead of just moving on with our life
We sit and complain about fate.

We need only to move from the rut that we’re in
To find happiness that we’re yearning to feel
Let go of the past, reach our to the future
It’s there for the taking, it ours and its real!

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