Thursday, 5 January 2012

Memories of Kulish

Rambling Memories of Kulish

As I rush about my duties
Of my very busy day
I recall those blissful moments
When I’d had the time to play.
Those blissful carefree moments
On those days so long ago
In that wonderful place called Kulish
Where wildest dreams would glow.

There is little now left standing
Of those golden times of old
The old schoolhouse now holds bushels
Of grain grown but yet unsold.
Miles of open grain fields
Wave where trees and forest stood
Where the songbirds trilled their pleasure
And proclaimed that life was good.

The homes that we once lived in
Have been bulldozed down like trees
But we’ll see them all in heaven
In a blaze of memories.

We never rode the school bus
But we walked the road with love
Down the road that was a tunnel
With tall trees that met above.

All those Christmas decorations
Those school concerts we put on
And then walking home at midnight
Two long miles of snow and fun.

I recall the joyous Easters
By the Church we’d have our Plays
That big bell did not stop ringing
For three glorious happy days.
That beloved church from Kulish
Where we solemnly came to pray
Where God reached down to bless us
Is now just ashes far away.

My heart still melts a little
And my eyes with tears still fill
At the touch of a western zephyr
Or the song of a whippoorwill.
When I grow too old and feeble
And when I can rush no more
I will just remember Kulish
And my heart again will soar.