Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'd Like to Be

Today I feel wistful and dreamy, wanting to be something I am not.  I have no idea where this feeling comes from.  It's not that I have anything missing, or unsatisfactory in my life , but it's just that.......

I’d Like to Be

I’d like to be a blue bird
Trilling lilting melodies
In wild abandon, never ending
Mother Nature’s rhapsodies
I’d like to be a bumblebee
Soaring, roaring, through the air
Landing softly on the blossoms
Bright and fragrant waiting there.
I’d like to be a perfume
Wafting softly in the breeze
Melding visions, nature’s beauty
With wonderful memories
I’d like to be a dew drop
Shining bright in the morning sun
Sitting on a lovely petal
Of a blossom newly sprung.
I’d like to be a rainbow
Arched above the world so high
Glorious colours softly blending
Like a halo in the sky.

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