Friday, 27 July 2012

My Lonely World

I encountered a lonely Alzheimer's patient today, and I could not forget that look of desolation on the face of this unfortunate individual.  Of all the debilitating diseases of  old age, this disease and other forms of dementia scare me the most, because of its depressing tendencies.  It is so terribly sad to see because  it makes you feel so helpless and inadequate.

My Lonely World

You came into my world today
You saw, you understood
The presence of a poignant loss
Of something sweet and good

You gazed into my woeful eyes
Your sympathy profound
My smile was weak, my outlook bleak
But your empathy was sound

You held my shaking hand awhile
My fingers you caressed
My face was blank but in my mind
I knew you were impressed.

My dynamic life has faded now
Its exuberance diminished
My vibrant verve nonexistent now
My zest for life is finished

I appreciate your kindness
I am grateful for your caring
But compassion now is bittersweet
As is the Pity you are sharing.

We cannot turn back the hands of time
Or control our aging progression
We but hope to face, with a calming grace
The end without depression.

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