Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tragedy of Alzheimer's

Forever Lost
He stands alone, weeping, broken,
Pathetic, shattered, and forlorn.
Words surround him, he can hear them
Curses, obscenities, vile, irate
Words he never thought she'd known.

Seated before him – an angry woman
Not the mother he used to know
That loving nature, forever giving
That generous soul with never a foe
Decorous persona, serene and tender, 
With a heart so pure it defied ill will!

Somewhere from the depths of evil
A cruel disease had o’rpowered her brain
Had turned that sweetness into rancour
And acrimony, unprovoked, unbidden
Had claimed authority o’er her reign.

Now broken-hearted, her son stands sobbing
Before a mother who remembers not
Those years now gone, so full of promise
Of sweet devotion and compassion, 
A life of glorious family love.

A doting mother she had once been
Cooing love songs to her spawn
Cradling children to her bosom
And her ever-loving heart. 
That mother love’s now but a memory
A mother whose son now mourns as gone!

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