Sunday, 8 June 2014


Blessings Around Us

I find myself meandering
My heart  heart so full, replete 
As I marvel at the blessings
That God has laid here at my feet.

I leave behind the tribulations
Of  days so filled with care
That trip and trouble daily life
There is no reason to keep them there

I stop, inhale the peace of nature,
It sends my heart to throes of bliss 
I feel the cool of still blue waters, 
Where true presence of God exists.

I hear the hiss of breezes sighing 
They fill my soul with serenity
I sense the aura of nature's splendor
Etch indelibly into memory

I bid farewell to strife and worry
Of days and nights so fraught with fear
There is no reason to be worried
When all God's  blessings are so near !

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