Friday, 27 June 2014

Anxious Aging

Anxious Aging

She leans heavily on her walker
As she shuffles slowly down the hall
Uttering moans so barely audible
Moving toward an end as yet unclear.

 Searching for peace in a sea of doubting
Amid obscure objectives and dim reflections
Of days so quickly fading from her mind
And she wanders, fearful, anxious
For that certainty she can no longer find.

Youth and vitality have vanished forever.
They slipped right out from her last firm grip
Now from beyond they taunt and tease her
With tormenting visions of yesteryears
When confidence was but a simple concept
 And life was such a breeze to live.

Passing time brings fading images
Of a life that can no longer be
And she ponders this new prospect
Of  “Old Memories” as her destiny.

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