Friday, 17 February 2012

Discovered Treasures


I  got a fantastic surprise the other day that added a wonderful new dimension to my life.   In my memoirs, I had a story about Bruiny, a collie type dog we used to have when I was growing up.  As I went back over that special time, nostalgia overwhelmed me as I recalled Bruiny's loyalty and devotion.  I knew I used to have a picture of Bruiny but though I searched though perhaps thousands of pictures (I have tons of albums) I could not find it.
Cameras were pretty rare at that time and I had moved a few times. Perhaps with the moves that picture got lost somehow.  I checked with a couple of relatives that I thought might have a copy but no one had one.  I was resigned to never seeing Bruiny again.  Most of the relatives I thought might have one, had already passed on and their pictures were probably garbaged by children that didn't see the significance of those old photographs.
I happened to mention my terrible disappointment to a niece, my brother's daughter, never even considering that she might have one as my brother was away working when I was growing up and, on his infrequent visits to the farm, was never interested in animals.
Imagine my joy when the next day,  I got an email from Marilyn with an attachment entitled "IsitBruiny".  There in front of my eyes was Bruiny, patiently sitting and waiting while my Dad and my brother caroused beside him.  Somehow Mike had captured his spirit and kept that picture.  Marilyn had saved her father's old pictures after Mike passed away and found this treasure among them.  I wonder how many treasures are lost because their value is not appreciated until it is too late. 
Happily, I added the picture into the book of memoirs ("Small Beginnings"), and I saved a copy on my desktop on my computer.  I click on the image every so often just to "center myself".  I takes me back to a time of my life when life was serene and carefree.  It is wonderful to revisit that life in a time when everything  is so fast paced and often hectic.



  1. Cassie,
    Can you insert the photo into the post so we can see him?
    Just go to edit post and put cursor where you want photo to go then hit photo in the bar above where you're typing. when it comes into the post you can adjust size and positions. Try it and don't forget to hit save!

  2. I hope this works: The facebook picture of Bruiny is at:!/photo.php?fbid=2419611304695&set=a.2419611024688.88034.1683784872&type=1&theater