Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

 In view of our recent dump ot the white stuff, I thought this was appropriate

The Celestial Goose has moulted

Shedding down upon the earth

Soft and light, glistening white

Crystal feathers for rebirth.

Heavenly angels guide these feathers

Dusting trees and fields alike

Covering all God’s precious treasures

With a duvet, thick and light.

Every tree a thing of beauty

Every park a wonderland

Shining brightly in the sunlight

So adorned by Heaven’s hand.

Every pathway, every byway

Deep and white beneath our feet

Beckons searching souls to wander

Where the earth and sky do meet.

No one dares disturb the wander

Disarrange its beauty deep

For beneath this cosy splendour

All spring’s blossoms lie asleep.

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