Sunday, 4 March 2012

Caverns of My Mind

Caverns of My Mind

Within the caverns of my mind
Stark black chasms, grotesque and grey
Stretch like tunnels to infinity
In gaping grottos, crowded with emotions
Haunting, dispirited memories
Hover like phantoms of an illusion
Glowing, in the darkness of deep thought.

Gloomy impressions of life’s upheavals
Fleeting morbid images of the past
Ebony drips of shorn reflections
Like iridescent dewdrops
That never, ever catch the light

Frosty icicles with jagged edges
The spikes of anguish, sorrow, grief
Like cold stalactites that weep forever
Unto opaque and murky stalagmites
Protruding from a floor of agony
Sad regrets, unearned reprisals
Stifling, choking my every gasp.

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