Wednesday, 21 March 2012


This poem was written during a time when things were dark and dismal. There a dismal times in all our lives and sometimes we just need to vent.  It's cathartic. 


In the shadows of despair
Anguish is my intimate friend,
My persistant companion.
T'is the silent shadow at my heels.
My cheer - t'is but a lie - repeated..
The false facade for my secret pain
The negative force for my positive stride.

Like a fog, the uncertainty is thick, relentless
A tide of pessimism I can not control
Gripping, crippling,
Suffocating my ailing confidence.

In vain I grope for truth and justice
I search for solace, fruitlessly
Some crumb of faith to stave my yearning.
A soothing balm for my aching soul.

Like a drowning waif in a pool of quicksand
I trash against assaulting fear
I fight despair, I shun depression,
Repress anxiety with no success.
I sense defeat, strong, - and forceful
(There's little hope of a mistake)
No calm awareness of peace evolving
To stem the tide of sheer regret.  

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