Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Different Perspective

Another Husband????
We sometimes don't realize how easy it is to turn life's sometimes common everyday inconveniences into light-hearted situations if we but look at them from a different perspective.  This following scenario played itself out a number of  years ago but it still makes me smile because it illustrates that finding  humor under any circumstance is easy if we just angle our view.
My husband and I were in Polo Park Mall in Winnipeg for some shopping. John, being a typical man, was not interested in following me around on my search for the perfect purchase. I, well I was not dumb either. What woman wants an impatient man at her elbow passing bad judgement on all her fantasies and choices? I was only too happy when he suggested he would wander off on his own and just meet me “right here at the foot of this escalator in three hours”. Great! I could do a lot of browsing in three hours. We set off in opposite directions, both happy with this mutually beneficial agreement. 
After three hours of relaxed browsing and shopping, I made my way to the predetermined spot at the foot of that escalator. I looked around for John, but he was not in sight. I waited for a few minutes and decided he must probably be waiting on another floor. I rode up to the second floor but he was not there either so I went to the third floor. Still no husband. I decided to go down, thinking he was probably there by now. No such luck. He was probably delayed, or lost. I checked the three floors again with no success. Convinced that he would show up at the foot of one of the escalators, I made my way up again. On my third trip to the top floor, a floor walker noted my searching eyes and asked me if I was looking for something.
“Yes,” I replied. “I’m looking for my husband.”
The man looked at me quizzically, then, glancing around, with complete simplicity and sincerity, he quipped, “Aw, pick another one. There are lots of them around.”   
What a novel idea!  ( Luckily or maybe not), John appeared shortly after that and "saved" me from the "tedious" task of choosing another candidate.  

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