Monday, 7 May 2012

A Dreamer's Dream

A Dreamer’s Dream

I ask not for fame and fortune
Or great mansions trimmed with gold
Give me but a hazel thicket
And a loving hand to hold.
A babbling brook outside my window
The soft whisper of a breeze
Grassy meadows all around me
And wild songbirds in the trees.
Give perfume of the roses
Wafting sweetly through the air
The droning hum of bumblebees
Sipping nectar hidden there.
Give me cobwebs mid the posies
Glistening bright in the morning dew
Morning glories day proclaiming
In deep pink and azure blue.
Give me butterflies on my daisies
Soft white clouds in the sky above
Tender arms to gently hold me
In sweet bondage of true love.
Sweet solitude I’ll treasure
Its serenity divine
In profusion, simple pleasure
That great “fortune” that’s all mine.

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