Friday, 25 May 2012

Eclipse of the Sun

I am not sure if the recent  solar eclipse had crescent-shaped shadows because I missed it, but following is a poem I wrote the last time that we saw a full eclipse (early1970's).  As the moon was moving off to the side, it was a fascinating sight to see the crescent-shaped shadows.  We don't see the shape of the shadows when we're outdoors but we happened to be inside the house that day and the shadows were on a flat floor.  We were surprised to see that the shadows were in the exact shape of what we saw of the sun! Watch for this phenomenon next time you see an eclipse the sun.

 Crescent Shadows

Crescent shadows dancing on the floor
Through the maples around my door
Cast from a disk of a crescent sun
Rays of light, demarcated view
Bits of sunlight filtering through
The maple trees with teeming leaves
Dancing in the breeze.

Where the sun was sovereign king
Just a short time ago
Single, alone, in the great beyond
Unchallenged, undisputed, unrivalled.

Now the moon has invaded
The sun’s imperial domain
Blocking its regal rays
Impeding its heavenly reign
Obstructing its path of light
Declaring again
Its singular subjugation
But temporary!

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