Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Just Wondering

                                                  Can a Trick Like This Work?
This morning, I received an emailed  copy of an article from the April 30/12 issue of the Toronto Star that really made a rather painful impression on me, particularly today.  The article  stressed the need for exercise for many of  us here in North America. According to that article, we could eliminate many medications if we just exercised more.  That article certainly applies to me, I know. So far, I've been lucky so medications are not a big part of my life but I do know I would be much better off if I exercised more.    
This computer, for instance, while I consider it essential to my well-being, and as such, my best friend, is also my nemesis at the same time.  I don't have those new fangled gadgets that you carry in your breast pocket that keep you in touch with  family, friends and the outside world. Nor do I want  one of those things.
Nonetheless, my computer keeps me in my chair alot of the time.  I exercise but I don't exercise as often, or as much, as I should, or could, perhaps.  If I did, I wouldn't be feeling all these aches and pains.  I did some lawn and garden work at my daughter's yesterday and today I'm sore in spots I didn't know I had.  Granted the work I did there was not normal exercise but if I was in shape, it would not bother me outside of making me tired - not sore.  So I have to grudgingly admit that I'm in poor shape - because I hurt!
That article expounded on the many benefits of exercise and even suggested that doctors should "prescribe exercise" instead of drugs!      
The Ukrainians have a saying that translates "I don't need a priest to tell me that Sunday is a holiday".  Would a doctor's prescription really make a difference?  I wonder. I honestly don't know.

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