Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Summer Herald

                                                    A Hint of Things to Come
What a wonderful feeling to get out there and not have to worry about coats and scarves and boots as you make your way to the polling booths to cast your vote in this  provincial election.   I am certain the voter turnout would not have been as good had the weather been nasty.  Today, everyone is almost eager for an excuse to get out there for a stroll in the beautiful sunshine (and a full 20 degrees with just a lovely hint of a breeze).  I met alot of people out there today and everyone was smiling.  It's a wonderful world.
I know that this weather won't last. It is way too early for the 20's yet so this is but an image, but we will accept whatever we get.  I don't know about everyone else, but for me,  coming from a farm background, I feel like that calf that has been let out of the pen, eager to kick up my heels and frolic freely after along period of confinement.  It is sheer exhilaration!  I'm heading back out there so till next time - ENJOY!!!!

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