Wednesday, 4 April 2012

If Life Gave Notice

If Life Gave Notice

If life were to give me notice
That my journey ends tomorrow
Would I see flashes of regret?
Would I feel pangs of sorrow?

I know my dirty dishes
Would not really matter much
Nor would I feel a bit contrite
At leaving dust untouched.

I would regret not having gone
On that trip when the kids were small
And missed the rapture in their eyes
When they saw that waterfall.

I’d miss the croaking of the frogs
Of spring’s overflowing creek beds
Walking, searching for new blossoms
Of marsh marigolds in the wetlands

I’d miss the gentle raindrops
Of summers’s slow warm rain
Cause my hairdo I had wished to save
How could I have been so vain?

I’d wish I’d stayed out doors to watch
The stars on a bright summer night
Instead of wasting precious time
Watching reruns and TV lights.

I’d regret going indoors just to sleep
When the northern lights did dance
Not standing there to watch them
When I’d had that perfect chance.

I’d miss the blazing autumns
With their flaming colors glowing
When mundane chores held me captive
And robbed me of their showing.

I’d wish I’d sat there on that deck
On mornings warm and bright
Hearing finches chirp “Good Morning”
As for each seed they’d fight.

I’d regret not visiting my good friends
Who were lonely, ill that day,
To give them each a little lift
And to cheer them on their way.

So I know not how much time I have
But I know I will be glad
To live each day as if t’were my last
So my last will not be sad!

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