Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Goal Achieved

                             Unexpected Success

When I started this blog, it was with the purpose of getting the stories from my books out to the public - to those people that were not able to obtain my book because of financial constraints, storage or distance limitations or some other difficulties. I thought that if I blogged the stories from my book, it would make them available to everyone free of charge, albeit piece meal over a lengthy period of time.
Fairly early in my sojourn into the blogging world, it became evident that there were several serious drawbacks to that scheme.  
First:  some of my readers at that time, were unfamiliar with blogging (and/or computers) and I was not reaching those readers anyway.
Second:  Many of my stories were too long for a blog. This made it unappealing and thus defeated the purpose of the blog.  In addition, it limited my opportunities to express opinions, make observations, or anything else I might wish to include in my blog.
Last, but by no means least, I now had an excellent and efficient editor (Marilyn Christian) who is publishing my books on line With Lulu Publishers – free Ebooks for those that just simply wish to read it.  For those that wish to purchase a book to keep, they are available for sale in beautifully laid out, bound books on the  Lulu site.  (I do have coil bound "Small Beginnings" at home. As well, my books are also available at Dauphin Musical Supplies in Dauphin Manitoba. They are my distributor there.  Books Purchased directly from me or from Dauphin Musical Supplies are cheaper at $12.00 per book and you save shipping charges if you pick them up personally).
The original purpose for the blog was therefore being met much more efficiently with Lulu's publication and I could still use my blog for my personal views, opinions, observations etc.   My book "Roots - A Life in Review" will be coming out as an Ebook as well as in a bound book form from Lulu  within the next month.
Incidentally, Marilyn is also putting her husband's (Dudley Christian) Poetry Books on line.  Just Google the authors name and you'll see them.  

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