Sunday, 8 April 2012

Just Wondering

                                                    Been There, Done That?
I was watching the news on TV the other day and they had a clip about some kind of a new technical device that that has just come out. It's hardly bigger than a cell phone but has the technology of a micro computer. They showed a one-year old little kid playing with it.  He was navigating through the programs like a regular pro.  The little tyke cannot even talk yet, but this gizmo presented him with no problem at all.  Now I realize that there are geniuses no matter what age but COME ON!
This new technology is stonewalling me at almost every corner while these kids come into this world and they're just homefree? I may not be the sharpest blade in the cabinet, but I'm not a total dud either.  So how come this new generation coming up is so savvy with all this technology?  It's as if they have passed this way before.  What is this?  Are brains being recycled now, so these kids are born with pre-programmed knowledge while we old folks have to learn everything from scratch?  I protest this unfair distribution of acumen.  I try so hard but it seems like each time I master something new, someone comes along and shows me how little I really know and how much more there is to learn.  This "born again" thing is taking on a whole new meaning for me and it doesn't look half bad.
 (I am not poking fun at the "Born Again" Christians here either. I'm on a totally different track from them on this. In fact, I sincerely apologize for using their line but those particular words just seem applicable in this case.

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