Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hi Tech Ignorance

In The Dust
This new technology has literally left me in the dust.  I knew this before, but I was not aware of the full extent of this relentless march. I knew technology had invaded the world of communications big time.  I also was aware of how much technology had improved our lives in the field of labour, travel, trade. food production and distribution and just our lifestyles in general.

However, I was totally taken off guard last week when I was asked to "help at a Bingo".  Because it was volunteering  for the CNIB,  I readily agreed, assuming I would be assisting some blind patrons dab numbers on a paper cards, or at worse, call out numbers or sell them the paper cards.  When I was asked if I had ever played bingo before, I was almost insulted.   I was no dummy!  "Of course. I had!" I saw no need to inform them that it was forty years ago, back in our little village of Ethelbert.  I had supported those fundraisers then both by playing and working at the Bingos.

The coordinators took my confident affirmation to mean I was knowledgeable about modern fundraising Bingos but  I felt brashly self righteous that I would even have to answer such a silly  question.
However I was in for a major revelation and a huge dose of updated education about the modern world! Technology has now invaded bingos!  They are  big business  and have really gone hi-tech.  You have to be a rocket scientist to play bingo these days.  It is no longer a "Dab the number" game. They even have electronic tablets that help you to keep score!

No! I would not have a clue how to play Bingo now.  It far too technical for me and one more time I have been proven to be just a simple "old ignoramus"!
Oh well, I never did like  sitting there waiting for somebody to call a number so I could dab it with a color dabber. That is one bit of education I can live without!

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