Monday, 15 April 2013


Holding my breath  

I heard a crow the other day
The geese have honked all day
Seagulls screech all 'round us
But that snow just won't go 'way.
The temperatures scream  "Winter"
They refuse to loosen their grip
They force boots onto our cold feet 
And warm longjohns on our hip.  

We can't forgo our parkas
Or the earmuffs for our ears
Though the sun seems warm from above
That icy wind brings tears.

Somewhere a bird calls "spring-time"
But she really has no inkling 
Of the torment she is causing
I don't know what she's thinking

Perhaps I should be patient
But I've been that for so long
It hasn't brought that pleasure
I still pine for the robin's song.

I want to see the green grass
And I know you think I'm lyin'
I'd even welcome all the lowly weeds 
 And that pesky dandelion!

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