Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fond Memories

Memories of Easters Past
We spent a quiet Easter this year, doing nothing spectacular, just enjoying the the familiar serenity of family and home surroundings.  But as I sat here reminiscing tonight and browsing through my travel photo albums, memory took me back to some exciting  Easters of days gone by. One exceptionally memorable Easter season back in the early 1990's stood out in particular. Life held incredible and dramatic adventures back in those youthful years.   I look back on those days with awe and wonder and I marvel that I should have been so fortunate to have experienced so much.

My girlfriend and I had booked a month long vacation in Australia and New Zealand that spring.  We left San Francisco on  Saturday evening before Easter Sunday, making a brief stop in Honolulu and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on Monday morning.  We lost Easter Sunday somewhere over the equator, I guess.  (Coming back we gained a day, arriving in Frisco, hours before we left Auckland!!!!  It was really weird.)

I was the adventuresome type and when we came to Ayers Rock in Central Australia, I was determined to "Climb the Rock"! Now I am "adventuresome", not "foolhardy"!  It's a mile high very steep climb to the top of Ayers Rock.
(That's me waving  up there near the top of that second picture.  (I did not wish to show you just how far from the top this lowly section really was.)  Suffice it to say , I climbed to the TOP of something!!!!

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