Friday, 29 March 2013

Spendour of Our North

A Stunning Revelation

I met a lady on the bus the other day.  She was a friendly sort and we started chatting.  It was a day after a heavy snowfall and roads and streets were a mess as the snowplows had not yet had a chance to clear them.
"Quite a mess" I told her,  "but then it's really no surprise.  This is the northern part of Canada, after all.
She laughed.  "This is nothing, where I come from."
Where do you come from?" I asked,
"I'm from the Northwest Territories," she said with a smile.  I wanted to hear more but our conversation was regretfully cut off when I arrived at my stop and had to get off.

It IS very beautiful country out there.  I have not been to the Territories but we travelled with a camper through the Yukon and Alaska one year and it was definitely an eye opener - an extremely  interesting one to me.  We "southerners (I lived in central Manitoba most of my life, now live here in Edmonton.) and I had always thought that north of the provincial border was bleak and barren and uninteresting.

NOT SO!!!!We did the Yukon/Alaska trip from mid June to mid July and we went as far north as the roads could take us. (the "North Pole site" marker).  It was absolutely one of the most fascinating trips I have ever been on!!! And I have travelled  quite alot - world wide!!! The countryside was ablaze with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors of every kind of blossom imaginable. Huge mountains flaunt their majesty in spectacular snow-covered peaks, bluish grey rock and deep green forest vegetation that continues down into magnificently breathtaking valleys with the most incredible blue-green lakes with perfect mirror-like reflections of  that the unbelievable splendour in the background behind it.

Oh No! Our north is not barren and bleak.  It condenses its beauty into dramatic seasons of stunning grandeur that is absolutely unforgettable!!!

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